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Claim Your Energy Independence With Solar Power

Without your own source of energy, you will continue to be subjected to the constant fluctuation in pricing from your local utility company. In addition, your energy costs will vary depending upon the availability of fossil fuels. When you choose to have solar panels installed on your Lexington home, you can take back control and claim your energy independence. Solar power is an affordable and incredibly reliable source of renewable energy. Solar panels provide you with your own source of energy, so you no longer have to rely on the utility companies and fossil fuels to meet your energy needs. You’ll have access to green, sustainable energy created from the sun’s heat. Contact the team at Titan Solar USA to learn more about the benefits of energy independence. 

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Reasons to Choose Solar Titan USA

  • We are dedicated to providing our customers with an affordable green energy option
  • We can help you gain your energy independence with professionally installed solar panels
  • We’ll help you lower your energy bills 
  • We use the best solar equipment available
  • Our team is highly educated and experienced in solar energy and solar panel installation

Green Energy Source


No Fossil Fuels


No Carbon Emissions


Reduce Climate Change

It’s Time to Embrace Renewable, Clean Energy

As more natural disasters occur all over the world each year, it’s becoming increasingly clear that now is the time to do something about climate change. We use fossil fuels for energy to light and heat our homes and power our transportation. And, each time we utilize that energy, it releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere and environment. While we may not be able to completely cease our use of fossil fuels immediately, solar panels are a viable solution to help us build a better future. Solar energy is completely renewable and sustainable, and does not negatively impact our environment. Our planet is suffering and it’s time for us to embrace renewable, clean energy to create a brighter future for the next generation.

We Use Only the Solar Best Equipment

At Solar Titan USA, we use only the best solar equipment on the market. This state-of-the-art equipment makes solar power safer and gives you more control over energy creation and solar panel usage with a cloud-based monitoring platform. The days of limited, complicated solar panel systems are gone. With Solar Titan USA, you’ll receive quality equipment that is user-friendly to make your solar experience an enjoyable one. If you are ready to claim your energy independence with the best solar company in Lexington, contact Solar Titan USA today. 

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Solar Panel Installation in Lexington

At Solar Titan USA, we believe that solar power is our future. This clean, renewable energy source can help us put the days of using fossil fuels to provide electricity for our homes behind us. If you are interested in solar panel installation on your Lexington home, we can help. Our experienced and knowledgeable employees are ready to answer any of your questions and get your home set up with safe, green, solar power. Contact us today for a quote.  

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