How Does Solar Energy Work?

How Does Solar Energy Work?


How Does Solar Energy Work? Every day the sun shines more than 3 trillion watts of free energy on the earth. That’s enough energy to power over 3 million homes for an entire year. Being produced every day, solar panels harness the energy and convert it into clean electricity to power our homes, businesses, and lifestyles. Light from the sun stimulates electrons on a solar panel.

Like having your own power plant

These electrons create DC or direct current electricity. Solar electricity travels from the panels on your roof through an inverter to the circuit breaker panel of your building. An inverter changes DC electricity into usable AC or alternating current electricity before sending it to the breaker panel of your building. Your home uses that electricity to power the electronic devices we use every day. It’s like having your own power plant on your roof with an endless supply of clean energy. Let’s continue to find out How Does Solar Energy Work?

Buy back your excess electricity

Anytime the panels are producing more energy than you are using, like sunny days when you are on vacation, the excess energy is sent back to your utility company where they are required to buy back your excess electricity at the same rates they would normally charge. A concept called Net-Metering. The utility company purchases your excess solar electricity and sells that energy to homes and businesses in your neighborhood. Even homes in businesses that do not have solar panels are still buying your excess solar electricity. Let’s continue to find out How Does Solar Energy Work?

Free abundant energy of the sun

When the sun goes down, your home or business purchases electricity from your local utility company the same way. It has, in the past. However, credits from your excess solar energy, produced during the day, will offset nighttime charges which are much cheaper than peak daytime rates. This maximizes your savings through Time Of Use billing. Where you are selling energy to the utility during daytime peak hours while buying energy during night time off-peak hours. Instead of buying electricity from a power plant that burns coal and other pollutants, you are taking advantage of the free abundant energy of the sun. Let’s continue to find out How Does Solar Energy Work?

For as little as $0 down

As energy rates continue to go up, your system produces clean renewable energy at no cost to you. Now you get to choose how much to spend on electricity. Imagine if we could do that with gasoline prices today. There are some incredible incentives and rebates to help pay for solar installation. Finance programs can help you install panels for as little as $0 down. Increase the value of your home or business by reducing your energy costs. Businesses will increase profits while homeowners will increase their homes market value, help save the environment, and reduce global warming. Start producing your own clean energy. Now we’ve learned How Does Solar Energy Work?

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