Are you an existing Solar Titan Customer? Do you want to make some extra CASH with your new solar panel system? Share the good news about your solar installation and for every referral you generate, we will write you a check for $100 per kilowatt (kW) we install for the person you referred to us!


For example, Mr. And Mrs. Hardin have referred us 4 new clients who decided to install solar! We wrote them a check for each one of the referrals at $100xkW!


Let's break it down. If your referral buys a system from us, we pay YOU $100 per kilowatt (kW) installed. For instance, if Nancy tells her friends how much she is offsetting and saving with her solar installation, and one of her friends decides to buy a 8kW system, Nancy will get a check for $800!


Call us TODAY at 1(888) 650-0151 to learn how to you can generate referrals and take advantage of our program!