Solar Panels in Chattanooga Tennessee

Solar Titan USA has been providing solar panel installations for Chattanooga and East Tennessee since 2015. Additionally, thousands of Tennessee and Northern Georgia homeowners have benefited from solar power by reducing dependency on their local utility companies by using solar panels installed by Solar Titan USA.

Below is a list of towns where our solar panels have been installed:


Since our founding, we have installed thousands of solar projects. Additionally, generating over 7 MILLION kilowatt hours annually! Similarly, this is equivalent to 4,961 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide. In other words, this is also equivalent to offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from 1,110 passenger vehicles in one year. Now, our customers own their own power while reducing their carbon footprint!

We are passionate about bringing excellence to green energy solutions. Starting from initial contact through completed installation. Similarly, our mission is to create a professional and clear line of communication with homeowners. Additionally, we have a great working relationship with power providers, and our standard of excellence will be shown from sale to install and beyond. We are empowering the future, with solar today!

About Us

Solar Titan USA is certified by the North American Board of Energy Practitioners, Certified LG Chem Installer, certified Generac Installer, and a certified SolarEdge Installer.

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