Solar Companies in Chattanooga TN

Solar Companies In Chattanooga TN

Searching for solar companies in Chattanooga TN? If so, you will find Solar Titan USA is the #1 residential solar panel installer in this area. Additionally, Solar Titan USA has installed solar panel systems on over 1,154 homes during the last 3 years. These installations have produced approximately 9 million kWh per year.


This is equivalent to:

  • Over 843 million Smart phones charged
  • 7 million pounds of coal burned
  • 780,448 Gallons of gasoline
  • 681,320 Gallons of diesel
  • 283,223 Propane cylinders used for grilling
  • 16,058 Barrels of oil consumed
  • 1,350 Homes powered by electricity per year


For us to give you pricing, you'll need to give us information on how much energy you use per month, the

size of your roof and answers to other important questions. Also, we will need to visit your home to take measurements such as roof size, pitch of roof and angle of roof.


If you are interested in finding the cost of a solar panel system for your home, click on the button below and let's talk!

Solar Titan USA is passionate about bringing excellence to green energy solutions. Starting from initial contact through completed installation,our mission is to create a professional and clear line of communication with homeowners. We have a great working relationship with power providers, and our standard of excellence will be shown from sale to install and beyond. We are empowering the future, with solar today.

Solar Titan USA is certified by the North American Board of Energy Practitioners, Certified LG Chem Installer, certified Generac Installer, and a certified SolarEdge Installer.

Are you still not sure about solar panels but would like more information? Here is our FREE eBook titled "A Complete Guide On Solar Power". Now you can learn more about solar energy including if and how it can help you. This eBook covers everything you need to know about solar power including information about Solar Titan USA.