Solar Panel Costs and Incentives

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Learn how much solar panel installation can cost in your area and about the incentives available to you to make solar more affordable.

Solar Power – A Long-Term Energy Solution

The ability to create solar energy at your own home or business is a long-term solution that addresses both environmental concerns such as climate change and personal monetary concerns such as the rising price of electricity. While solar panel installation does require an upfront investment, the subsequent benefits are yours for decades to come. The return on investment far outweighs your initial investment. And, as concern for the environment and the impact of global climate change grows, the government is offering incentives to make the price of switching to solar an increasingly affordable option. Continue reading to learn more about solar panel costs and government incentives and if you are ready to start powering your home or business with clean, sustainable solar energy, contact the team at Solar Titan USA today. We can get you started with zero money down.

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The Benefits of Powering Your Property With Solar Energy

  • Creating your own solar energy means you’ll pay less in monthly bills
  • The local, state, and federal government offer incentives to help with the price of solar panel installation
  • Solar power is sustainable and renewable
  • Solar power is clean energy that does not contribute to the carbon emissions in the atmosphere
  • The price of electricity is rising while the cost of solar is decreasing, making it the perfect time to switch to solar energy

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The Price of Electricity Is Steadily Rising While the Price of Solar Is Going Down

Electricity prices from utility companies are subjected to fluctuations caused by the immediate availability of fossil fuels, import taxes and regulations, and other factors. Over the years, these fluctuations have had an obvious upward trend that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. On the other hand, the price of investing in solar energy has been steadily decreasing, especially with the help of government incentives. And, once you have your solar system in place, you can produce your own energy for up to 30 years before the system will need to be replaced. A solar panel system allows you energy independence so you will no longer be subjected to the increasing prices of electricity from utility companies. 

Federal, State, and Local Solar Incentives

When you choose to make the switch to solar, you may also become eligible for incentives from all three levels of government. Federal incentives currently can cover up to 26% of the total costs of your solar equipment and installation fees. Depending upon where you live, you may be able to combine that with incentives offered by your local and state government. The benefits of making the transition to solar power have never been better. Solar Titan USA  does not determine eligibility for these incentives. Solar Titan USA may provide additional incentives separate from Federal, State, and Local incentives. 


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Start Producing Solar Energy for Zero Money Down

Choosing to invest in solar energy for your home or business can be a big decision. There are many factors to consider, including the upfront cost. When you work with Solar Titan USA, we can get your solar panel system installed for zero money down. When you combine that with all the great incentives available to those who switch to solar, the decision becomes easy. Contact our team today to get started.
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